If you are looking at conventional business planning and thinking HUH? You should read the rest of this page...

Conventional maps are pretty futile if you want to really get places...

  • Most businesses follow the same old tired "marketing" BUT most businesses FAIL.
  • Most business owners get lost in the battle between the wood and the trees.
  • There is a "private drinking club" where you get answers to your problems and colleagues who will help remove the fog clogging up your vision.
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Hi, I'm Jonathan. In this page, I will share with you, the secret of the rich and famous. Clue: It's nothing to do with networking, mlm, books, tapes, seminars, ritual chanting or any other nonsense.

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Please put up your hand if you go to "business building" seminars and workshops, buy books, motivational tapes or other study material.

Now put your hands up if you have a copy of

“Think and grow rich”

(Commonly reckoned to be one of the most influential business books of all time).

Now, keep your hands up if you are a millionaire

(or what you think of as “rich”)

I don't see many hands up...

Does this mean it is a bad book?

No - It has a lot of good material in it...

Does this mean you are dumb?

No, you are probably pretty smart...

Most people have a copy of this book. It is commonly thought of as the most influential business book of all time.

jon seniors mastermind

Let’s dig into THAT a little further.

(I will come back to “Think and grow rich” later)

But first - an assumption.

When ever you HAVE to do something – you put more effort into it.

Did you just turn up at your driving lessons half awake or ask to finish early because you didn’t feel up to it?

Did you ever attend only half a training session ?

No. Why?

Let's compare this with your business life

  • You get all pumped because you are going to a seminar on time management.
  • The speaker persuades you to buy a time management training course.
  • You buy it and never make time to use it.
  • You feel bad about yourself for not using the course.
  • So you pick something else and vow to make an effort NEXT TIME.
  • Rinse and repeat

This is because learning without a reason is unfocused, random GUARANTEED TO FAIL..

Shocking truth - Nothing works

(No matter how good it sounds)
No matter

-How logical it is or how much it “makes sense”
-How much proof they give you,
-How many testimonials they have..


Yes – I know it is a shocking truth and I hate to say this – there really is no “magic bullet.”

Keep reading if you find networking to be just a series of pointless chats and social media to just be full of whizz bangs and empty promises. (There is a school of thought that says "social media" is a cruel trick... And the joke is on you. I will tell you about it when you join a mastermind group).

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It's a shock to some people that "traditional methods" fail to produce results.

business mastermind

How long would watching this in a seminar keep you motivated?

What this actually does is create a short term “feel good factor” to entertain you and make you feel good about yourself.

Books don’t work. . Seminars don’t Work(Even therapy doesn’t work…)IF YOU WANT TO BE successful YOU NEED TO UNDERSTAND THIS.

Only a tiny percentage of what is taught in the best seminars is ever put to use.

Most businesses FAIL to make ANY MONEY. Bizarrely though – most people follow the same tired old advice and “marketing.”

People pay hundreds and even thousands go to seminars and buy books that just FAIL to produce results.

People buy books and attend seminars on…

• Getting rich real estate

• Getting rich investing

• Getting rich starting a business or franchise

• Getting rich with your own invention

• Getting rich importing

• Getting rich in MLM

• Getting rich with…(fill in the blank with all the opportunities you have seen)

It makes no difference what the opportunity and the “ethics” of the person presenting is irrelevant. None of it works…

But back to think and grow rich

One of the KEY CONCEPTS Napoleon Hill consistently talked about is the mastermind group… The collective harnessing of similar minds to achieve mutual success and business growth. (I will come back to this very shortly).

Next question - Why do you think people join weight loss clubs?

business mastermind
Imagine this concept in
(Just replace making money – or “success” for losing weight…)
Two reasons

At weight loss clubs, people are asked awkward questions in a supportive environment.

1. They like to be surrounded by winners, can do people, people who take action. (Of course this is positively encouraged by the group leader – after all – who wants to be associated with a group of failures?).


2. For the ACCOUNTABILITY to the people in 1. (They don’t want to be the guy or gal who has put on weight when everyone else has lost some).

Successes (losing weight) are cheered to the rooftops and failures (putting weight on) are mulled over and picked apart so everyone learns from it.

Compare this with your local business networking group

Just suppose you get seduced into joining your local networking group.

Depending on what you sell, you will get loads of business (if you sell a commodity item such as printing) or you will get none (if you sell a complex item). Either way, you will be entering a world where most businesses fail and so long as everyone is having a good time, the network owner will be quite happy. In short - no one will care if you stop going. All that back slapping is merely skin deep.

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If you go to networking events, all the while you are there, you will be exposed to products and services by and for the masses. Guess what though? Most businesses fail...

business mastermind

Large corporations whip us up into a buying frenzy. In the 21st century - YOU are the product.

How you are MANIPULATED without knowing it…

The power of groups is all around us, you can easily see how it’s been used for evil, from mass suicides throughout history to Nazi Germany where an entire country succumbed to Hitler’s feel good, “we are the superior race” propaganda.

We can see how normally good people turned into animals in the LA riots in the aftermath of the OJ Simpson trial, or the 2011 London riots.

The power of groups psychology is used against us as marketing weapon to turn us into a nation of rabid consumers, we buy and buy and buy and still we are unsatisfied…

In fact – we are “hard-wired” to be unsatisfied…

Are you a self help junkie?

business mastermind

Are you happy hopping from one self help manual to the next, from one quick fix to another depending on which seminar you go to.

You see last time I checked - Going to seminars, networking events, reading books and listening to gurus isn't bankable currency.

Once you get into this market - you are in somebody else's sales funnel.

Read this carefully if you plan to get into the self help game.

Your life will NEVER be complete - without the latest strategy, technique, tool or tip. Most of which, will be an utter waste of your time and effort.

Remember, your best friend is not someone who tells you how great you are – it’s someone who stops you from doing something silly.

So why all this aggressive buying of training courses, networking, books, tapes, cds, dvds, seminar tickets?

Effort now masquerades for outcome and accomplishment. People get kudos for what they are going to do.


No one ever got fired for suggesting a training course or going to a networking event.

Most people just don't know what to do. Doing something is better than doing nothing.

The world is in the grip of “group negativity” and sameness…

This negative influence is what happens when we follow the crowd. If we do what they we always done.. If we were to choose to stay in the safe place of our normal life, that sucks the excitement and love of life right of us.

What are your priorities? Do they include WATCHING other people’s success? Talking about it on social media?

You are being affected by the psychology of the people around you right now. If you pay close attention, you can actually see and hear your brain cells seeping out one at a time.

The people at work, Your family, The news, The music you listen to, TV programs you carelessly and passively pour into your brain..

The group you choose effects the way you think.. It’s why you feel the way you feel, your attitude, your beliefs.

Most people never chose a group, we are born into them.

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Having a good time or just following the herd?

Here is the flip side

The power of group psychology can also be used to take your life to the next level if you take control today.

Now you can use the power of group to get whatever you want, to open your mind to new possibilities, to have the courage to dream bigger dreams, Set your goals higher, have the optimism to expect and get more from life..

business mastermind

Are you spinning wheels or are you ready to take a MASSIVE LEAP FORWARD.

Or are you ready to take a leap of offering yourself at the service of others, honestly and truthfully, in return for the same.

(If you had to pay the hourly rate for this advice, you should expect a large invoice incoming every week...)

Introducing the mastermind group

business mastermind
King Solomon – One of the richest men who ever lived

A business mastermind group is a collection of business owners and individuals who meet up to discuss problems, brainstorm and seek answers to questions and feedback on concepts or ideas in a different way…

Some of the most successful people around today (and in the history of the world) are all members of a business mastermind group.

Even King Solomon – The richest man in the history of the world talked about the wisdom of having “A multitude of counsellors”

(Just so you know - King Solomon is widely regarded to have been the richest man in the history of the world. He was a multi billionaire (at least) when HE LIVED – which was around 950 BC).

business mastermind

Whichever sports team you follow (or even if you follow none). You must appreciate that Liverpool FC fans “get it.”

(The actual quote is “success has many fathers but failure is an orphan).”

(For the football fans amongst you – the “fathers” are from left to right, Kenny Dalglish, Bob Paisley, Bill Shankly, Joe Fagan and Rafael Benítez).

(Note also - we are not talking about "giving away" your expertise for free here. I am talking about the collective sharing of wisdom and knowledge in a private, controlled environment).​

3 things your mastermind will do for you

Multiple different ways to solve your problem.

Quite often, we are so deep in the wood, we can't see past the next tree. It is much easier to navigate your way through when you have a group of trusted people to ask, rather than random people you may meet.

Cut through the clutter and the noise

Forget even trying to sift through the mountain of information that you are subjected to every day. Your mastermind group will be your personal filter on the world.

Make you unthink complicated stuff

Instead of trying to do as much as possible, don't under estimate the beautiful simplicity of meeting up for one hour each week to talk marketing with the same people. This is in a private, entry not permitted at any costs group. A private drinking club if you like

If you have been around the block as much as I have, the usual stuff will most likely bore you...

What if you could meet the same group of people, once a week, every week with ONE sole objective. To build each other's business. 

We aren't talking about the usual - how to stand at a networking event or what to say. We are talking about knocking down your business component by component and rebuilding it piece by piece.

What happens at a mastermind group?

Every week (I insist on 85-90% attendance by the way), you will be required to bring a problem for discussion. This can be general or specific - your choice. But the more open and honest you are, the more insights you will get from your fellow members.

We share the mic around

This is not your local networking group which is most likely dominated by a favoured few. At a mastermind, Everyone gets to ask and answer questions. (There are a series of training videos once you are accepted into a group). My experience shows that you can ask a serious or a whimsical question, but the real magic happens when you ask a question that STUNS your fellow group members. Bring your best questions and problems because they will get the best answers. Expect the rest of the group to provide answers, feedback, maybe even challenge you.

Every week, mastermind members get an invitation to a private meeting. In the meeting, each member will be allowed to ask a question. You can ask anything you like - it is better if this ties in with the aims and objectives of your business. The meeting is virtual - meaning no travel costs.

Here are THREE examples of how your mastermind group can help you - starting TODAY...

  1. Your lead magnet: What is the thing you use to attract people to your product, treatment or service? (You do have one...) We can strip it down and rebuild it better than you ever thought possible.
  2. Your main profit centre: We can unpick the main profit centre in your business. Multiple eyeballs will uncover hidden nuggets that you had never even imagined were there.
  3. Customer service and logistics: Every business wants to WOW the customer. Let us help you build WOW into every process you develop.
jon seniors mastermind
business mastermind



Your problems are unlikely to be solved immediately. This is only for people who are in it for the long haul.

By consistently working ON your business – the marketing strategy and tactics -rather than IN your business (following the latest bright shiny objects) you will get aha moment after aha moment.

All that we ask is that you attend with an open mind and discuss (in strict confidence naturally) openly the problems you are facing and provide feedback to others honestly and truthfully.

On a practical level, we meet for one hour - online - same time every week. HOWEVER, you will probably need to block out more time. You will need time to contemplate the breakthroughs you are going to be making. (By the way - no checking email or otherwise, goofing around online. Your new mastermind members will insist on 100% concentration for the entire meeting.

What people are saying

John Doe UI/UX Designer

“Jonathan is all about doing, not just talking, to get results.”

Arthur Kaptein
- Author - The ultimate brainstorming guide

“Jonathan is a very smart marketer and it is a pleasure to work with him”

Bruce Newman
- President wwwebevents.com
John Doe UI/UX Designer

Jonathan is a brutally honest, in-you-face coach who pushes you -- and himself -- to the nearly impossible level of performance. And then at some point, behind this drill-sergeant-like image, you find a person who truly cares".

Alex Makarski
- AlexMakarski.com
John Doe UI/UX Designer

Get started on your mastermind journey today...

Step 1

Pay a refundable £100 deposit. If you are accepted, this covers your first months meetings. As soon as your payment has cleared, I will send you the initial questionaire to gather information about you, your business and your aspirations.

Step 2

Make a mutually convenient appointment to meet with me (This will be online via gotomeeting)

Step 3

In an honest and wide ranging  confidential discussion, We find out where you are and if and how the mastermind can help you. (Note I keep standards high - to make sure everyone gets maximum benefit).

Step 4

You are either accepted and placed into a group with people of a similar level to yourself or if you are not accepted, I will refund your money and shake hands with no hard feelings.

Step 5

You get started on your road to success...

Be sure you are ready for this commitment.

Once you fill in this form, you will be taken to an order form for your 1st months deposit.

Your first month is £100 (you will need a couple of weeks to get up to speed).

The mastermind costs £137 per month per member.

I GUARANTEE that I will make a professional group available for you. I GUARANTEE a group with people that will stretch you intellectually as well as professionally. If you have ANY problems with your group, I guarantee a direct one -to-one call with me to discuss your concerns.

jon seniors mastermind

Join the mastermind with confidence


jon seniors mastermind
Jonathan Senior
Your mastermind group intermediary

About Jonathan

You will hear my voice every week on your mastermind call.

When not hosting mastermind calls or developing training and ideas for business owners who like to thing differently, you will usually find me either swimming, riding my bike or running. As a two time Ironman triathlon finisher, I spend a lot of the time down the pool, road and track to contemplate how to make your meetings better. I am also a multiple management author.

Your questions answered

This is a REAL commitment

You should know that the mastermind is a REAL COMMITMENT. If you are looking for something you can drop into when you get a spare hour - please look somewhere else.

You group will hammer relentlessly on your business. You can ask us anything and we will give you an answer. (You will quickly learn to get the maximum results from the skills around the virtual table which is your mastermind group).

However, only ask things that you are comfortable asking. We aren't here to embarrass you. To quote a phrase "We aren't here to make you look dumb, we have done all the dumb things you can possibly imagine..."​

Is this some kind of secret society where I need to do weird stuff?

Well it's secret in that I won't be advertising your membership to anyone. (It is confidential). You can talk about it all you want. There is no requirement to do anything you are uncomfortable with. Certainly no ritual chanting, rolling up your trouser legs

Advantages of the mastermind vs Disadvantages of the networking group

I have used the example of small business networking as the mainstream way people use to build their business. There are others of course, but here are the pros and cons of business networking vs the mastermind. (Remember that your mastermind group will actually help you construct your elevator pitch, design your business cards etc etc).

The Mastermind

  • Same members every week builds trust fast.
  • Strict barrier to entry keeps standards high.
  • Ask your mastermind group anything (really anything).
  • Discussions 100% confidential.
  • Other members watch out for you and your interests.

The Networking group

  • Random attendance takes longer to build trust and respect.
  • Quite often no barrier to entry means random nature of members.
  • Questions restricted by social taboos and norms of your culture.
  • Discussions like to be shared around and gossiped on.
  • Other members try to sell you stuff.
jon seniors mastermind

Remember - your mastermind group gets you all this

  • A weekly invitation to a private - invitation not for sale at any price - virtual meeting.
  • Ask ANYTHING of your fellow members and be sure to get sensible answers.
  • Somewhere to go where no-one will judge you. And everyone will help you.
  • ONE HOUR per week of THINKING TIME
  • Raise yourself the daily noise.

Join the mastermind with confidence


business mastermind

My big ballsy guarantee.

Listen, I don't know you, your business or your skill level so it would be silly to promise or guarantee anything. All I can do is guarantee you my 100% undivided attention and that of the rest of the group to help you build your business.

jonathan signature

P.S.:: Remember that I need to keep standards HIGH. (Otherwise people will lose interest). The number of groups I host every week is limited.

You probably have multiple questions - Here are some answers

  • How do meetings take place?
  • What about admin?
  • Who else will be in my group?

Your weekly mastermind will be held using gotomeeting. This means that we can share screens and see each other without the usual travel hassles.

You can bring a question to the meeting - which could be general or specific. Every few weeks, we will have a "deep dive" session where a member brings a specific problem for further details analysis and discussion.

  •  What about replacements?
  • Are meetings recorded?
  • Is there a minimum membership timeframe?

No, no recording is taken and none is permitted. Make as many private (written) notes as you want though.

So that Chatham house rules can be applied, all members must be able to speak freely. If you aren't familiar with Chatham house, it means you are free to have 100 bad ideas and one astounding one without fear of being ridiculed afterwards.